Yamaha R-N2000A

A modern hi-fi component that unites the latest in music listening, such as high-resolution music streaming, with time-honored hi-fi quality. Building on Yamaha's unparalleled history of music and acclaimed hi-fi products, the R-N2000A transforms the living room into a space of beautiful, breathtaking sound.

True sound

This is sound that only Yamaha can achieve, as the only audio brand in the world that tackles everything from the moment a sound is created to the moment it reaches the human ear. Close your eyes and be overwhelmed by the feeling that the artist is right in front of you, and experience the impressive feeling of truly being "closer to the artist.

Sound image

The position of the artist and the instrument, and even the refined nuances and entire atmosphere of the performance space are stunningly reproduced.

The resulting soundstage is so incredibly realistic that it feels like you are personally present at the performance.

Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO™)

Environmental factors play an important role in the sonic character of a room, and in any type of audio. Yamaha's proprietary automated YPAO™ calibration technique, refined over decades of use in home theater products, has been optimized for the R-N2000A for an ideal listening environment. It feels like you're in a professional audio listening room, without having to manually adjust tricky settings yourself. YPAO™ features precision EQ, which performs exceptionally accurate equalization for audio resolution with accuracy up to 192 kHz / 64-bit. YPAO™ R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) works with it to actively control the important early reflection sounds, automatically adjusting and optimizing how the sound is reflected in the room based on the materials of the walls and the placement of the speakers. This means you can enjoy the impressive sound and immersive feel unique to hi-fi audio, just in your own living room.

Toroidal transformer

The R-N2000A benefits from the technical advantages and exceptional musicality of a toroidal transformer, a component usually used only for high-end models. Combined with a range of high-quality hi-fi functions and components, the toroidal transformer ensures that musical emotion reaches the listener. In addition, a 3mm brass base is included between the bottom of the transformer and the inner housing to control vibrations in the transformer, for an overwhelmingly spacious sound full of realism.

High-quality DAC

In our pursuit of clear, transparent soundfield reproduction and rich, fully detailed musicality, we chose ESS Technologies' advanced ES9026PRO digital-to-analog converter. This high-performance DAC achieves extremely accurate signal conversion via the balanced analog audio output and further refined power delivery for four-channel operation, effectively reproducing even the subtle ambience of concert halls and delicate expressive nuances in sound.

Low Impedance Concept

To thoroughly eliminate energy loss and degradation of the audio signal, the R-N2000A features thick wiring for the ground connection. An essential feature which makes the components true premium hi-fi. In addition, a screw connection is included for the output of the amplifier to reinforce the ground connection, which is important for the quality of the audio. This achieves an open, natural soundstage that brings artist and listener closer together.


As opposed to just producing a powerful sound, we strive for a sense of dynamics that expresses the contrast between silence and movement in music. This allows you to feel the intensely deep emotions in the music and allows you to fully immerse yourself in that musical world.

Concept of mechanical grounding

The R-N2000A, like Yamaha's hi-fi model, uses the concept of mechanical grounding. The concept begins with the bolts of the feet being welded directly to the enclosure, and continues with the large heatsink, power supply, and block capacitors also being attached directly to the enclosure. This design prevents unwanted vibration, resulting in a powerful, highly expressive low-frequency range that lets you feel the deep groove of the music.

Silver-plated brass feet

The rigidity of the amplifier is also reflected in the robust silver-plated brass feet, which enhance the rich, solid response at low frequencies and fill them with musicality.

Tone Balance

This is the sustained faithful reproduction of all sounds, of all instruments and all vocals, at all pitches and in the full spectrum.

Enjoy the complete harmony and musicality in the sound. You'll even hear sounds you never heard before.

Floating and symmetrical high-power amplifier

The circuit of the amplifier, including the power supply, is equipped with our original amplifier technology and completely independent from the ground. This completely eliminates the influence of minute voltage fluctuations and external ground noise. This circuit design offers numerous advantages, including perfect symmetry of pull-pull operation in the output stage, the achievement of an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and overwhelming expressive power that perfectly brings out the sound of any musical instrument.

Symmetrical Construction

To reach the pinnacle of stereo playback in this component, the R-N2000A features a perfectly symmetrical open-book-like construction, with a centrally located power supply and the power amplifier blocks on either side of the main unit. This creates an ideal weight balance and suppresses negative effects between channels for extraordinary channel separation. The result? A remarkably pure reproduction of every part of the sound, exactly as it should be.


The R-N2000A features Yamaha's original MusicCast network system. In addition, the receiver is compatible with a wide range of streaming services, such as Amazon Music HD and Spotify, so you can fully enjoy exceptional high-quality sound unique to today's Lossless and Hi-Res sources, with complete fidelity. In addition, you can stream Apple Music with Airplay 2. And with the MusicCast system, you can easily listen to music anywhere in your home by pairing multiple MusicCast devices with just one app on your smart device.

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award Best Streaming Receiver 2023-2024

"Japanese craftmanship and hi-fi tradition combine with cutting-edge digital technology to ensure Yamaha’s R-N2000A streaming receiver is both stunning and innovative. The vintage-inspired front panel sports traditional VU meters and tactile controls but these are augmented by a classy OLED display to help navigate its plentiful features. Yamaha’s excellent MusicCast app delivers streaming options and multiroom functionality, but there are also inputs for a TV and turntable, plus FM radio. Under the hood, Yamaha’s tried-and-tested amplifier technology delivers a musical, refined performance, with fine detail painted over a wide and deep soundstage. Yamaha’s YPAO room correction is particularly welcome, allowing this amp to deliver the goods in every room."