Yamaha A-S2200

No compromises were made while designing this superb Yamaha A-S2200 integrated stereo amplifier. This fully analogue and audiophile designed amplifier is primarily aimed at the most demanding music purists. Despite its minimalist appearance and vintage VU-meters this amplifier is equipped with the most modern technologies. This amplifier is discreetly configured with high-quality connectors and components throughout. The result is a very functional amplifier with a premium overall performance. This well-arranged amplifier is easy and intuitive to operate. In addition, the amplifier is shipped with a slim remote control to operate all settings with ease out of your favourite listening chair.

Premium sound quality

This balanced and audiophile-built amplifier is equipped with a high capacity power supply. The control circuits are effectively separated from the sensitive signal circuits for the lowest possible noise and distortion levels. All analogue circuits including phono and headphones stage are fully discrete and dual mono configured. In the Floating & Balanced output stages Yamaha applied powerful low-impedance and high-bandwidth MOSFETs. The bandwidth of this amplifier starts at 5 Hertz and exceeds the human ears’ frequency range at 100 kHz. The maximum power rate is 160 watts per channel with a damping factor of 250. Regardless the speakers you like to match with this high-quality amplifier, this Yamaha A-S2200 delivers a dynamic and realistic ‘Natural Sound’ music reproduction.

Functional and complete

This fully analogue A-S2200 amplifier Yamaha has three analogue line inputs, a combined line in- and output e.g. for use with a classic tape recorder and a front switchable MM / MC phono stage. The A-S2200 also has a balanced input including a -6dB gain switch and a switch for inverting the absolute phase for use with high quality audio sources. The headphone gain is adjustable in steps of 6dB. This feature is especially intended for music enthusiasts that also like to listen to music with high-quality headphones. Using the pre-out this amplifier can easily combined with a separate power amplifier or an active subwoofer. In a multi-channel setup, the main-in input comes in use and the digitally controlled analogue volume control guarantees a smooth and reliable operation throughout the entire lifespan. With this premium Hi-Fi amplifier, you will enjoy your favourite music in the highest possible sound quality for many years to come.