Synology DS3622xs+

The Synology DS3622xs+ with 12 slots is a high-performance NAS suitable for small and medium-sized business environments with intensive workloads and multiple users. Its high capacity, scalability, and processing power make this NAS ideal for VM and container storage, lightning-fast file sharing, and as a network video recorder for large surveillance applications. The device comes with powerful software for storage management, file synchronization, monitoring and backup. It is suitable for high-quality video editing.

Reliable storage for many applications

Synology NAS is a versatile storage platform that functions perfectly as a file server, block storage system or application server with high performance in availability, reliability and leading storage technology.

Multi-purpose NAS storage

Keep digital assets accessible locally or remotely with easy-to-maintain shared file storage supported by fast SMB-based file server features, powerful RAID options, efficient backup tools and detailed permissions management.

SAN infrastructure for SMBs.

Benefit from certified block storage with minimal disruption thanks to plug-ins for easy management. Additionally, leverage free snapshots combined with built-in high-availability options to optimize the availability of your services.

Versatile business applications

Host your business solutions in a private environment and on your own terms, including a powerful backup server to protect all assets from a centralized platform or full-fledged monitoring platform, for optimal security of your physical premises with transparent license management.


  • CPU - Six-core Intel Xeon processor.
  • Performance - Sequential read speed 4,719 MB/s, 260,691 4K IOPS for random read
  • Memory - 16 GB DDR4 ECC, expandable up to 48 GB
  • Scalability - Expandable up to 36 drives with two DX1222 expansion units