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Bold Smart Cylinder

No more hassle with keys. The lock sees you coming with your phone and activates automatically. Phone empty? Then enter an access code by turning the outside knob. The cylinder lock is not motorized, burglar resistance SKG *** and easy to install yourself.

Peace of mind

Thanks to the 2-factor authentication, you know that your invitation can only be used by the right person. No compromises on protection against smartphone or other hacks with end-to-end encryption from our servers to your products.

Business convenience

Share access with new employees and see who last entered the storage space. Open and close the room. With our flexible and affordable access control you can focus on your core business. Retail, construction, catering or your regular office.

Flexible sports facilities

Make it easier for all your members to volunteer. Share facilities or rental facilities in a professional manner. Stop managing and chasing all those spare keys and take control.