Primare R15

The Primare R15 is an award-winning phono stage for the most demanding vinyl enthusiasts. Combine this high-quality R15 with any Hi-Fi amplifier that is not factory equipped with a build-in phono stage. If your amplifier does have a dedicated Phono input but does not deliver the desired sound quality with the cartridge of your turntable, this highly configurable Primare R15 might be a perfect solution.

Amplifiers with an integrated MM phono stage a rarely built to get the most out of your vinyl. In some occasions you can switch the phono input from Moving Magnet to Moving Coil, but it rarely offers more settings. With this Primare R15 you can adjust the characteristic of the RIAA stage to the specific characteristics of MM or MC phono cartridges.

The R15 features adjustable load and multiple gain settings to provides the best possible signal strength and sound quality with virtually every phono cartridge that is available today. Does your vintage MM cartridge sound a bit dull, lean or a tad bright? Simply correct it to your liking by the flip of a switch. This Primare R15 also features a subsonic filter to limit cone movement of your loudspeakers caused by a warped record without killing the warmth nor dynamics of the vinyl album.