Primare CD15 Prisma - CD and network player

The Primare CD15 Prisma is a digital audio source with a build-in CD drive, highres streaming and multiroom functionality. Besides the convenience of playing your physical cd-collection the Prisma streaming module allows you to browse Internet radio stations, browse music collections online and experience digital music files in the best possible sound quality. If you own a fully analog amplifier, this CD15 Prisma adds all desired digital audio functionality you wished for so many years. With this elegantly designed Primare CD15 Prisma you enjoy all today’s digital delights in a sleek and well-designed package.


Simply stream your highres audio files over the (wireless) network from your NAS or music server to the Primare CD15 Prisma. The CD15 is also equipped with a USB port that allows you to play music from a USB storage device with the same ease of use. The streamer supports virtually all digital audio formats, handles PCM streams up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD128. If you want to stream music directly from your iOS or Android device, you can do so with Bluetooth, Airplay2 or Chromecast.

Multiroom Streaming

With the Prisma app you fully control the CD15 and operate the Prisma multiroom streaming functionality simply and most intuitively. Instantly stream internet radio and Spotify Connect playlists to any chosen room in the Prisma multiroom/multizone environment and experience music in a superior sound quality. This Primare CD15 Prisma is Roon-ready and allows seamless integration into a Roon multiroom environment. With this CD15 Prisma the whole family easily streams his or her favorite playlists the way it suits them best.

The CD15 Prisma features a high-grade DAC and is fitted with coaxial and optical digital outputs. This allows you to connect this CD15 to a highend external DAC. The player is also equipped with an analogue line output with both a fixed and variable volume. Combine this CD15 Prisma with a high-end sound system, a power amplifier or with a set of active Hi-Fi loudspeakers. Whatever configuration you might prefer, this Primare CD15 Prisma is the perfect starting point for a high-quality and minimalist sound system.