Primare DD15 - CD transport

The Primare DD15 is a high-quality CD drive without fancy features. This drive is primarily designed for playing audio CDs in the best possible sound quality. The DD15 is fitted with an optical and coaxial digital output and is not equipped with an internal DAC stage. This CD transport, as a CD drive without D/A conversion is commonly is referred to, is fully digitally optimized for playback of CDs. With this DD15, your precious CDs are digitally cuddled in every way.

The power supply and internal circuits are especially designed for pure digital signal processing, without being compromised by DAC and analogue stages. As a result, this CD transport provides lower distortion, less noise and more transparency when playing your favorite CD albums. So, combine this Primare DD15 with a high-quality DAC or with the beautifully shaped Primare I15 Prisma amplifier and create magical sounding Hi-Fi setup.