LUMÏN Infrared Control Package

For all owners of a LUMIN network player, LUMIN has designed a beautiful ROON compatible infrared remote control that can be used to control all basic LUMIN functionality. This Remote Kit is provided with a sleek, stylish and robustly designed remote control including a separate infrared eye with a long USB cable with which LUMIN streamers that are not placed directly in the line of sight can also be operated.

This sleek remote control is equipped with all the basic functions that you might use on a daily base. This prevents you to keep switching between the LUMIN smartphone app and e.g. the ROON streaming app. To use the volume control on the remote, you only need to enable the variable volume for the line output. This makes a separate pre-amplifier redundant. The only thing this Remote Kit needs is a free USB port on the streamer itself.

The remote kit is suitable for use with a LUMIN X1, S1, T2, A1, T1, D2, D1, U1, M1 and U1 Mini.