Kinera Imperial Skuld

The Kinera Imperial Skuld are the latest premium-grade in-ear monitors by Kinera. These IEM’s are, like the other Kinera headphones, handcrafted with passion. Imperial Skuld earbuds offer a unique design, are entirely hand painted and have a mirror smooth finish that allows the colors and real gold leaf to pop.

These comfortable in-ear monitors deliver a most neutral sound with a linear frequency curve ranging from 5Hz up to 50kHz. The low-end is powerful and well-controlled, the midrange is well-defined and the top-end offers buckets of detail without any strains of harshness. The sound quality of these IEMs is really quite impressive.

5 Custom BA Drivers

Skuld are full-BA in-ears and are equipped with no less than five BA-drivers. Two are developed by Kinera itself, three of them are sourced at highend driver specialist Knowles. The Kinera drivers were in-house developed especially for this Imperial Skuld, while the Knowles drivers were custom-tuned by Kinera's sound engineers. This provides an unparalleled sound experience. These IEM’s have an impedance of 23 Ohms and offer a sensitivity of 120dB. This allows you to drive these headphones with a regular smartphone, but will deliver the best possible sound quality when driven with a premium DAP or headphone amplifier-DAC.

Premium delivery

Imperial Skuld IEMs come with a detachable 0.78 2-pin 8-core, 6N OCC silver-plated headphone cable fitted with a balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn connector. In addition, Skuld features both a 4.4mm to 2.5mm and 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter set. Tips of different material, size and brand are included for both a perfect fit and sound quality. Kinera also includes a deluxe storage box and cleaning tool to store these headphones clean and safe after a day of use.