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iFi iPower X 15V

This iFi iPower X AC adapter delivers an extremely stable DC power and is equipped with a built-in noise reduction. With this unique iPower X adapter, iFi Audio delivers a serious upgrade to the relatively cheapy produced switch mode power adapters that are included with most set-top boxes, network players, portable DACs, phono preamplifiers, headphone amplifiers and network switches. The iPower X is available in different voltages, so there is always an iPower X that suits your power needs.

Enjoy pure silence

The iFi iPower X is designed in such a way that it does not add additional noise to the mains power. The iPower X is entirely build with quality-grade components, which means that it is better suited to deliver the demand for ‘dynamic’ power to both analogue and digital audio components. Compared to the original and much praised original iFi iPower, the iPower X delivers up to 20% of extra power. Furthermore, iFi has equipped this AC adapter with its very effective Active Noise Cancellation 2 technology which, just like headphones, reduces the EMI and RFI levels over 40dB (> 100x).

If you're a true music enthusiast solely choosing for the best possible sound quality, replacing any OEM adapter with this iFi iPower X, will instantly increase your sound experience. With this iFi iPower X and you will suddenly discover the smallest nuances and the most subtle details in your favorite music.