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iFi Audio ZEN Phono

iFi Audio is well-known for its low-noise hi-fi solutions and this ZEN Phono RIAA preamplifier is no exception. This ZEN Phono is intended for demanding music enthusiasts that prefer to enjoy the warm analog sound quality of their valuable vinyl collection in the best possible way. This phono preamplifier is suitable for Moving Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC) cartridges. Just like the richly featured iFi iPhono3 Black Label phono stage, this ZEN Phono delivers class-leading sound quality and is most easy to set up.

iFi Audio, a sister company of the British AMR, has designed this ZEN Phono fully balanced and dual mono. For the mass production of this advanced phono stage iFi uses premium MIL-spec components that are selected for its sound properties. This is, especially in this price range, very rare. The ZEN Phono also features a balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn connector. With an optional Pentaconn to XLR adapter you can establish a balanced connection between your turntable and your premium hi-fi amplifier. This feature enables a fully balanced amplification with all typical benefits such as a lower noise threshold, a higher channel separation and less EMI/RFI interference. Usually this is only to be found on the most high-end RIAA preamplifiers.

Phase-correct subsonic

Sometimes subsonic filters are necessary when playing warped vinyl albums. However, most common subsonic filters may give you the sense that something is off while playing your albums, as if the bass is reduced and the timing is affected in a weird way. This effect is often caused by undesired phase shifts in the upper frequency range. Unlike the subsonic filters featured in many phono stages, the 'intelligent’ subsonic filter developed by iFi cuts the inaudible low frequencies without creating such phase shifts in the audible sound spectrum. This phase-correct subsonic filter is, especially in this price range, a rare feature.

Quiet power supply, clean power

This iFi ZEN Phono is equipped with an external hum and noise free power supply. By using this power supply and smart filtering developed by iFi, this phono stage does not suffer of annoying 50Hz hum or the relatively high noise levels that phono preamplifiers in this price range sometimes produce. This ZEN Phono delivers a significantly better performance than many built-in phono stages and even an up to 20dBV better Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) compared to some high-end class-A phono stages.

Suitable for any type of element

The adjustable Gain (36, 48, 60 and 72dB) makes this preamplifier suitable for use with almost any MM or MC (High, Low or V-Low) cartridge. So, initially use this ZEN Phono with your old or entry-level turntable and over time it allows you to buy a better turntable or a more premium cartridge. This ZEN Phono effortlessly grows with your upgrades. Simply set the gain switch on the back to the basic specifications of the new cartridge without worrying about 'impedance' or 'load' and immediately enjoy your vinyl collection in a superior sound quality.