iFi Audio ZEN Air Phono

With the introduction of the original ZEN Phono, iFi Audio quietly caused a revolution in the world of vinyl. Now iFi Audio is doing the same with the ZEN Air Phono preamplifier. This ZEN Air Phono has a more interesting price tag than the original ZEN Phono and is intended for an even larger group of vinyl enthusiasts looking for the best possible vinyl experience.

All ZEN functionality in a clever box

Despite its price, ZEN Air Phono features switchable MM and MC preamplification. Choose MC when the output signal of the turntable cartridge is below 2mV, such as high-quality Moving Coil cartridges. Choose MM when your cartridge provides an output signal above 2mV. These are usually Moving Magnet and high-quality high-output MC cartridges. Because vinyl is sometimes slightly warped and the drive motor is not completely silent, iFi Audio has equipped the ZEN Air Phono with its AI Phono Subsonic filter. This filter does remove rumble and unwanted ultra-low frequencies, but does not compromise the bass response of the music album.

Why ZEN Air?

ZEN Air, unlike the more expensive ZEN models, features a plastic casing but shares the iconic ZEN design. Air uses the same selected electronic components as the higher-end ZEN Phono. The ZEN Air version, however, is designed with a high-quality single-ended audio circuit because many vinyl enthusiasts are not using the relatively expensive fully balanced technology. With this Air you will intensely enjoy your vinyl collection and never pay too much for technology you don't use anyway. Totally ZEN, right?