iFi Audio ZEN Air CAN

iFi ZEN Air CAN is a great sounding headphone amplifier and is suitable for all types of headphones with a 6.3mm or a 4.4mm Pentaconn headphone plug. Whether you want to drive highly sensitive in-ears or demanding planar over-ears, the ZEN Air CAN offers a gain switch that boosts the signal by 0dB, 9dB or 18dB. Set the gain at 0dB for in-ears and switch up to maximum gain when driving planar headphones.


ZEN Air CAN features three analog line inputs that can be selected with the selector on the front panel. To complete the sound experience, iFi Audio added its Xspace Matrix sound optimization to this headphone amplifier. This ensures a stereo experience outside of the headphones with which voices are reproduced beautifully in the center, but details and effects are realistically placed around the head, creating a wider and deeper soundstage. XBass+, furthermore, adds a fraction more of low end grunt.

Why ZEN Air?

Unlike the more expensive ZEN models, ZEN Air features a plastic casing, but still shares the iconic ZEN design. In addition, the Air version comes with a high-quality single-ended audio circuit because many music enthusiasts do not use the relatively expensive fully balanced technology anyway. Instead, iFi Audio has equipped the ZEN Air CAN with an S-Balanced headphone output which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a true Balanced design. With this Air you never pay too much for technology you don't use anyway. Totally ZEN, right?