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iFi iDefender+ C>A

The iFi Audio iDefender+ provides the best possible USB connection between a streamer, DAC, computer and laptop. The iDefender+ cleverly decouples the different ground connections of USB devices and thus prevents so-called ground loops.

Powered USB devices

If you are applying multiple powered USB devices with your computer, laptop or in your audio chain, the different grounds of these devices may not be quite zero volts. These common and minimal differences can cause minor ground loops. Unlike a continuous hum in analogue circuits, earth loops in digital connections like USB are mainly causing an increased noise floor, loss of resolution and poor dynamics in music reproduction. By simply adding an iFi Audio iDefender+ in the USB-chain, you solve these problems in seconds.

USB powered devices

If you just apply a USB-DAC that is powered by the USB port of the computer or pc instead, ground loops are of no concern. Despite you will mainly be bothered by contaminated power lines of laptop or PC. Again, this cleverly designed iDefender+ offers an effective solution. Simply inject clean and unpolluted power from an external power supply such as the iFi iPower X through the second USB-C port in the iDefender+ and your trusted USB-DAC will instantly sound a lot better.