iFi Audio GO bar 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

To Celebrate the 10th anniversary, iFi Audio introduced the Gold Edition of the iFi GO bar. iFi Audio GO bar is an ultra-portable USB DAC headphone amplifier for on-the-go. The bar comes with many acclaimed iFi technologies. The housing is made of metal and has physical buttons for easy operation. This very limited eye catcher features a full copper chassis for enhanced build quality and better shielding, enhanced power supply filtering and a weight of 64g. Don't let the size of the housing fool you. iFi GO bar is the most powerful premium headphone amplifier in its size. Use this GO bar with a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other digital music source with a USB port and enjoy your music to the max.

Custom DAC circuit

iFi has implemented a bit-perfect DAC circuit, applied a custom-developed digital filter and features a powerful 16-core XMOS CPU. Simply select the filter setting that best suits your taste and music style. You can choose between Standard, Minimum Phase or Gibbs Transient Optimised. The Cirrus Logic DAC chip delivers a maximum audio resolution of 32bit and 384kHz in PCM. DSD is natively supported up to DSD256 and this compact powerhouse is also capable of full MQA-decoding.

A hefty option list as standard


Thanks to the 4.4mm Pentaconn jack, you can enjoy the best possible sound quality of the fully balanced designed and with discrete components built audio circuit. If you use the 3.5mm headphones output, S-Balanced technology allows you to experience all the benefits of balanced construction through the single ended headphone output. XBass+ adds a little more low-end for a more natural sound and XSpace expands the width and depth of the soundstage to create a holographic sound experience. Use iEMatch when using a pair of ultra-sensitive in-ear monitors and choose Turbo when using headphones that will need a tad more more power.

For all kinds of use

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to connect the Audio GO bar to, your music has never sounded better. The GO bar comes with a leather travel case, a USB-C to Lightning cable, a USB-C OTG cable and a USB-C to USB-A adapter. It doesn’t matter how you like to use the iFi GO bar, it's instantly ready to go.

Embrace the gold standard and order one of the 1000 GOld bars available. Act fast and order now!