FiiO FX15

Electrostatic IEMs are no longer a novelty in the high-end IEM landscape, but the FX15 is FiiO's first foray into producing such a product. When developing the FX15, the FiiO R&D team spent much time researching how best to utilize electrostatic drivers. Due to the low sensitivity of such drivers, special care must be taken to ensure they are not overpowered by the other dynamic and BA drivers in use. Otherwise, listeners will not be fully able to experience the unique sound that electrostatic drivers bring to the table.

“Dare to be at the top” is an important part of FiiO's corporate culture. FiiO does not merely use new techniques or materials simply to attract attention with new gimmicks, but rather chooses to fully research new methods to come up with products that fully utilize the potential of such new approaches. In a sense, “being slow makes you end up being faster.” The development of the FX15 embraces this ethos as the FiiO R&D team carefully made sure that dynamic, balanced armatures, and electrostatic drivers worked together in harmony to fully bring out the best of the latter before choosing to release this new IEM.