Sennheiser IE 600

The Sennheiser IE 600 in-ear monitors are the brilliant result of engineers going flat-out while focussing on just one important thing. Sound quality. With these all-new Sennheiser flagship in-ears you don't just listen to music, you experience it to perfection in every musical aspect. Whatever music genre you enjoy most, the IE 600 lets you enjoy it even more.

Audiophile perfection

Thanks to the carefully selected dynamic 7mm True Response drivers, these headphones deliver an extremely accurate and distortion-free sound. The frequency span ranges from just 4 hertz up to a stunning 46.5kHz. The 'easy' impedance of 18 Ohms allows you to drive these headphones with virtually any phone, music player or (portable) audio source.

Made in Germany

The true perfection with which the hand-finished earbuds are developed is remarkable. They are designed and 3D printed in Germany with strict tolerances. The earplugs are designed with D2CA Dual Resonator Chambers that allow you to notice even the tiniest details and most subtle nuances in music. The casings are made of an amorphous AMLOY-ZR01 metal alloy. This is stronger than steel and is used in both the aviation and medical industries. To underpin the exclusivity, these premium headphones come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Cable and accessories

Just like the headphones itself, the cabling is also uncompromisingly designed. From the gold-plated connectors of the aramid-fiber reinforced 3.5mm and 4.4mm MMCX headphone cables to the beautifully and timelessly designed ear tips. These headphones are built to last. For an optimal fit, a cable clip and tips of different sizes and materials are included. To keep the headphones safe and hygienic while on-the-go, Sennheiser ships these IEM’s with a premium storage box.