Chord Electronics Mojo 2

The Chord Mojo 2 is the successor to the most popular and very well performing portable Chord Mojo DAC headphone amplifier. Whereas the first Mojo generation was especially praised for its openness and detail, the second-generation Mojo has been improved in several crucial areas. The result is a rugged, all-aluminum CNC machined and hand-built DAC headphone amplifier that will achieve a studio sound quality.

Custom FPGA signal processing

The 2nd generation Mojo is based on a powerful custom FPGA processor and benefits from several new developments. The lossless Digital Sound Processing (DSP) that was developed by Chord Electronics is a key feature. It provides a digital tone control with which no musicality is lost. Thanks to this UHD DSP, the Mojo 2 is even better suited for use with today's wide variety of headphones and portable audio equipment.

Added flexibility

The coaxial and optical digital inputs are still featured on Mojo 2. A USB-C data port was added to the separated micro-USB charging and data ports. This provides more flexibility with a broader range of USB sound sources. Thanks to an improved noise shaper, lower noise levels and a more neutral response, the Mojo 2 delivers even more openness than the first gen Mojo. Users of a Chord Poly streamer/server can still connect the Mojo 2 wirelessly.

Durable design features

Compared to its predecessor, operation is further improved by the addition of a fourth 'sphere' control button. This button adds UHD DSP tone control, mute, cross feed and key lock to the controls. Mojo 2 battery management has also been improved. This results in a 9% increased battery life, a 75% improved energy efficiency and fast charging. You will probably enjoy all of this in a significantly improved portable listening experience.