Chord Electronics Poly

The Poly from Chord Electronics is a streaming module specially developed for the highly acclaimed Chord Mojo headphone amplifier DAC. With this Chord Poly you instantly transform the Chord Mojo into a full-fledged portable highres media player.

Added functionality

The Poly adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality so with this Poly-Mojo combi you can play music wirelessly from your Android or iOS phone and from a DLNA music server. The Chord Poly has an SD card reader, is Roon Ready and can handle almost any digital file format including MP3, WMA, ACC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and Ogg Vorbis in resolutions up to 32bit 768kHz and DSD up to 8x (DSD512).

Wireless and cordless

Simply click the Poly to the bottom of the Mojo and the Chord-combi is immediately ready to use. The Chord Poly has a built-in Li-Po battery that allows you to enjoy music up to nine hours on a single charge. If you attach the Poly to the Mojo, you can fully recharge them in only four hours.