ELAC Uni-Fi 2.0 UC52

Please allow us to introduce the ELAC UC52 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker from ELAC's all-new Uni-Fi 2.0 loudspeaker line. These Hi-Fi loudspeakers are based on the first generation of ELAC Uni-Fi loudspeakers designed by Andrew Jones and have been further improved in several areas. This center speaker is ideal for use with ELAC UF52 front and UB52 back speakers in a surround configuration.


The most drastic improvement can be found in the completely new developed concentric mid-high driver. The new tweeter is derived from the more premium Adante series. This tweeter has a better top end response, while the new midrange driver delivers a better response in the lower midrange frequencies, providing more ‘weight’ than the first Uni-Fi generation.

Better Bass response

In addition to the concentric mid-high driver, ELAC has applied two new woofers with a feather-light aluminum cone and a more linear frequency response. These bass drivers offer a significantly better control and low-end response due to a lighter voice coil construction and a more powerful neodymium magnet. The cabinet of the UC52 is slimmer and features a stiffer construction. This prevents undesired cabinet resonances. The reflex ports are front firing that allow the loudspeakers to be positioned closer to the back wall.

Additional improvements

In order to take a maximum advantage of the performance of these new drivers, ELAC has designed a new crossover filter with cross over frequencies at 200Hz and 2kHz. These loudspeakers provide a frequency response ranging from 48Hz to 35kHz and have a sensitivity of 85dB. Thanks to this enhanced filter, the different drivers are better blending with each other, the frequency response is more neutral, and offers a most desirable 6 Ohms impedance and match with virtual any Hi-Fi and Surround amplifier.