ELAC Debut Reference DCR52

The ELAC Debut Reference DCR52 is a 2-way bass reflex center speaker with a dual midbass driver and a dual flow port. This DCR52 is mainly aimed at movie enthusiasts who want to combine this center speaker with DFR52 or DBR62 front speakers and DBR62 surround speakers. Thanks to newly developed loudspeaker techniques, this ELAC DCR52 offers an even more intense movie experience with ultra-clear and perfectly defined vocals.

‘Enhanced' sound quality

The DCR52 loudspeaker cabinets features a new Dual Flared Slot Port. This provides a nicely balanced vocal weight. Internally, ELAC has also applied so-called 'Enhanced Bracing', which prevents cabinet resonances and undesired cabinet coloration. The dual midbass drivers feature light and rigid Aramid fiber cones and a stiffer cast-aluminum chassis. This reduces cabinet resonances even more. With this, voices have sufficient body, but they certainly don't sound too thick.

Sweet and open

The soft-dome tweeters in this Debut Reference DCR52 have a newly designed waveguide for an even better sound dispersion. Combined with a more open design of the protective grilles, the tweeters deliver a perfect response in the highest audible frequencies. With this Debut Reference DCR52 you will experience perfectly defined vocals exactly positioned in the center of the soundstage.