Edifier STAX Spirit S3

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 is a wireless over-ear planar magnetic headphone born out of STAX technology, Edifier's know-how and cooperation with headphone manufacturer Audeze. Thanks to the joint forces, these wireless headphones deliver an incredible sound quality with which you fully benefit of the quality of Hi-Res music.

Thanks to the powerful and advanced microprocessor you can connect different Bluetooth sources to the headphones and easily switch from one to another. The STAX Spirit S3 also features Bluetooth aptX Voice Crystal Clear Technology. Do you receive a phone call while on the go? Answer it immediately in a crystal-clear sound quality and get the impression the person you're talking to is standing right in front of you.

Comfort and ease of use

This lightweight headphone has an excellent fit and offers high wearing comfort. Listen to your playlists for hours on end without the headphones feeling uncomfortable. These headphones come with a set of comfortable lambskin leather ear pads that can easily be changed with the included breathable cool-mesh variants.

Listen wirelessly or with the included headphone cable to the music source of your choice. Whether you're listening to your favorite playlists at home or with your smartphone on the go, the music experience is phenomenal. Thanks to the many adjustments, you can tweak the wearing comfort and sound quality to your personal taste.

Sound Quality

STAX is more or less a synonym for high-end headphones. Since the acquisition of the world-famous headphone brand STAX by Edifier in 2012, technology developments continued. In this Spirit S3, the new EqualMass Diaphragm Technology has been implemented. This combines Audeze’s Fluxor magnet, Uniforce diaphragm and Fazor Phaze Management for an extremely accurate music reproduction.

Whether you are a music lover or a music professional, you will experience your favorite music at home or thanks to the powerful built-in battery up to 80 hours outdoors with a resolution, imaging and purity that was previously only experienced with the best sound equipment available.