Dali Oberon 9 (per pair)

With the Oberon 9, the Dali launches its latest 'flagship' loudspeaker in the popular and very affordable Dali Oberon loudspeaker series. This floor-standing 3-way bass reflex loudspeaker features two 9-inch SMC bass drivers with a double back-firing bass reflex port, a 7-inch SMC midrange driver and an ultra-lightweight 29mm soft dome tweeter. Thanks to Dali's own developed SMC drivers with feather-light wood fiber cone material, this Hi-Fi loudspeaker delivers neutral, well-defined and distortion-free sound at any listening volume.

Dali has developed both the cabinet and the drivers entirely in-house. Due to the special cabinet construction, adverse reflections are prevented. This has resulted in a Hi-Fi loudspeaker with a nice beam pattern that does not need to be skewed in and can therefore easily be placed in most living rooms. These Oberon 9 loudspeakers are supplied with a set of decoupling spikes to optimize the bass response. To experience the best possible sound quality, these floor-standing loudspeakers do need a little space to breathe and are therefore particularly suitable for rooms with a larger floor area.

These Oberon 9 speakers deliver a delicate sound with a wonderful linear character and a powerful bass. The frequency response starts as low as 35Hz and goes up to 36kHz without any noticeable distortion. Thanks to the relatively large diameter of the tweeter and the light weight of the drivers used, this loudspeaker reproduces music down to the smallest detail with perfect definition and control. With your eyes closed, this loudspeaker is able to gives you the impression of listening to a live performance.

Awards & Reviews

EISA Award Beste Home Theatre Speaker System 2019-2020

DALI’s OBERON range proves that combining stunning Scandinavian design with an engaging sound experience is a winning proposition. From the ultra-compact OBERON 1 and small OBERON 3 bookshelf, to the slender OBERON 5 and the flagship OBERON 7 floorstanders, the series offers top-notch performance from very attractive enclosures. Add in the OBERON On-Wall and VOKAL centre speaker options, and you have the flexibility to establish an impressive (and affordable) home theatre. Borrowing driver technologies (including DALI’s SMC magnet system) from its high-end EPICON and RUBICON series reaps rewards – with music or movies these speakers have a wide dispersion and a clear, balanced and convincing presentation. They look great, and sound even better…