Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

The IMPERIAL DABMAN i450 CD is one of TELESTAR‘s cutting-edge digital radio all-rounders: the hybrid radio receives both digital DAB+ and analogue FM radio signals and may provide you with access to more than 25.000 web radio stations. Another plus: a wide range of music streaming services is supported as well. It also features a CD drive to play back music from audio and MP3 CDs. Two 3‘‘ speakers and subwoofer ensure a great stereo sound experience, which, thanks to the internal equalizer, may be adjusted to individual preferences. The 2.8‘‘ TFT color displays provides you with useful background information (e.g. song title, time, weather information), many features such as alarm clock mode, UPnP or USB MP3 play back mode round off the DABMAN i450 CD‘s portfolio of functions. The trick with the DABMAN i450 CD: it is prepared for undermount installation and therefor ideally suited to be used as kitchen radio.