Pioneer VSX-535D

Everything you need to start a home theater, featuring next-level Dolby tech and high-res gaming functionality


Engineered with the newest technology for streamers and home theater buffs, the VSX-535 supports Dolby Atmos® capabilities, 8K/4K Ultra HD, Bluetooth® streaming and more. Elevate your shows, games and films with amazing performance in speaker configurations up to a 5.2 or 3.2.2 setup, perfectly calibrated to your space with our proprietary MCACC Auto Room Tuning software.

Pioneering Dolby Atmos Music

Using ground-breaking technology to elevate audio beyond the realm of movies and TV, Dolby Atmos Music allows musical creators to produce and mix with spatial audio elements for a more captivating experience. Pioneer audio/video receivers are some of the first home AVRs to play Dolby Atmos content via HDMI input from your favorite streaming devices.

Lossless quality restored

Our Advanced Sound Retriever technology restores the output of compressed audio (such as WMA, AAC, and MP3) to their original lossless quality by creating new signals to restore the minor details left out during the compression process.

Immersive sound without upfiring speakers

Dolby Atmos® Height Virtualizer allows you to experience all-encompassing virtual height effects without employing additional surround or height speakers. With Dolby Atmos, the VSX-535 reproduces object-oriented sound in curving and realistic, three-dimensional, overhead movements. Now, you can hear the story as it should be told.

Accounts for any room

MCACC (Multi-Channel ACoustic Calibration system) auto room tuning uses a custom microphone to automatically compensate for differences in speaker size, level and distance, and equalizes response, so you get the even sound you’re supposed to.

Greater depth and vibrancy

Dolby Vision technology empowers creatives to add greater depth and vibrancy to the media you love and levels-up your viewing experience. Relax and enjoy the newest content in crisp contrast and dynamic color from the comfort of your couch.

Powering the highest resolutions

The VSX-535 supports 4K Ultra HD and 8K resolution. The best in the market, 8K displays a super-immersive viewing experience with 2x the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4K and 4 times as many pixels.

Break free from gaming limitations

HDMI 2.1a supports a range of higher video resolutions and refresh rates including 8K60 and 4K120, as well as Dynamic HDR formats. Combined with 60Hz refresh rate enables smooth and sharp viewing of content with high-speed action, HDMI 2.1a with 8K ensures your system is ready for the clearest and cleanest picture available both now and down the road.

Connect with ease

Whatever audio is playing on your phone, tablet, or PC app can be streamed to the receiver with Bluetooth wireless technology. Once the receiver has paired with and remembered your device, it will start playback automatically whenever it detects an incoming Bluetooth audio stream.