Lumin U2 Mini

The Lumin U2 Mini is a great network player that offers more than its 'Mini' model name would suggest. It does come with a most modest price tag for such a high-performance streaming bridge. Connect this Lumin U2 Mini to an external DAC or amplifier with digital audio inputs and enjoy your digital music collection in a sound quality that defined Lumin for many, many years.

U2 Mini features a new streaming platform with a Quad native clock system with which this streamer produces an even lower amount of jitter. With this the U2 Mini is more future proof and it also provides more user flexibility. Thanks to the more powerful processor, up- and downsampling from 44.1kHz up to 384kHz/DSD256 and vice versa is child's play. With this feature the U2 Mini can output digital streams at the best possible resolution to match the sweetspot of your external DAC.

Maximum functionality

Using the highly functional Lumin app you can browse many tens of thousands of internet radio stations in just a few clicks and allows easy access to many online music libraries. Lumin U2 Mini supports Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Qobuz. In addition to the Lumin app this streaming bridge allows DLNA/UPnP, Airplay2 and Bluetooth streaming. ROON support makes the path to a future upgrade in streaming functionality even simpler.

Maximum streaming enjoyment

In addition to native DSD playback up to 768kHz/DSD512, this audio streamer is capable of MQA playback to enjoy Tidal masters in the best possible sound quality with an MQA supporting DAC. The streamer sends digital audio signal gapless through USB, optical Toslink, coaxial S/PDIF, coaxial BNC and AES/EBU. Whichever brand and type of DAC you prefer, with this Lumin U2 Mini you will experience your music collection unlike ever before.