Fresh colors and brightness on massive LG QNED. Our new chipset and dimming zones perfect content so every pixel remains razor sharp.

Outstanding intelligence for QNED enhances your TV experience

Experience from the inside out. Our advanced alpha 8 AI Processor 4K automatically optimizes picture and sound quality to match you.

An image just for you

Select your favorite images and AI Picture Wizard creates an image to match your unique taste from 85 million options and saves it in your profile.

The optimal audio for your space

The sound system detects the layout of your room and where you are sitting and creates a dome of sound around you, perfectly tailored to the unique acoustics of your space.

Intelligence that always provides bright light

Brightness Control detects the light in your room day and night and balances the image accordingly, for crisp and clear images.

AI provides fresh brightness and color

Turn every scene into a masterpiece. AI Super Upscaling uses deep learning algorithms to enhance content in real time, so everything you watch looks stunningly sharp.

Lifelike audio roars through your room

Hear every breath and heartbeat with the 9.1.2 virtual surround sound system that fills the room with rich, stage-quality audio.

Sound with impact resonates

Refinements from AI processor give sound a dynamic boost with incredible power.

Sound that matches what you're watching

Adaptive Sound Control balances audio in real time based on genre.

A new TV every year for 5 years

Stay up-to-date with useful features and technologies thanks to 4 promised webOS upgrades over a 5-year period.

Create your own unique TV experience

Enjoy TV specifically tailored to your needs with My Profile, AI Image Wizard, AI Concierge and Quick Cards.

Awe-inspiring scale captivates you

The ultimate enchantment through life-size entertainment. View all your content on an ultra-large screen and enjoy unparalleled clarity and scale when watching, playing and playing sports.

Dive into incredible depth and detail

Advanced dimming technology ensures you see fine details and remarkably lifelike images by using dimming areas across the screen.

Watch bright and lush colors come to life

Be enchanted by incredibly rich colors, even brighter than the world around you.

Slim design integrates with your décor

With its super-slim design, your display fits seamlessly into your space and hangs perfectly on the wall.

Great sound stays great hidden

With the Synergy bracket, the matching S70TY soundbar can be easily mounted and fits perfectly with your QNED TV.

Simplicity at your fingertips

Use the WOW interface on the LG TV for easy control of the soundbar, such as the stand, profiles and handy features.

Every picture produces the perfect sound

WOW orchestra brings the unique sound of your LG Soundbar and the LG QNED into perfect harmony.

Watch TV without clutter around it.

Do away with all those wires and enjoy the maximum potential of your LG Soundbar's audio quality with WOWCAST.

See it the way the directors dreamed it

Immerse yourself in the most authentic cut. FILMMAKER Mode delivers movies the way the director intended, with precise settings.

Find more wonder in every scene you watch

Experience the cinema at home. HDR10 Pro delivers the intended look of every movie with accurate colors and contrast.

Aim for gigantic victories

Keep gaming at high speed with FreeSync and VRR while winning is a breeze with simple settings.

Control where it's most convenient

Never pause with the Game Optimizer and Game Dashboard.

Access all your favorite games

Thousands of gaming worlds at your fingertips. Discover a wide range of cloud games and stream them directly to your screen without ever having to download or install updates.