Kinera Gleipnir

Kinera Gleipnir is a highend upgrade cable for in-ear monitors. This hybrid headphone cable consists of 8 flexible twisted and gold plated OCC conductors. The diameter of the conductors is 1.2 mm and consists of 59 conductors with a thickness of 0.06 mm each. To increase the strength of the cable, 200 mesh nylon is added to the cores for extra reinforcement. Gleipnir offers an excellent conductive performance which further improves an unrestricted flow of audio signals.

High-quality materials

Compared to the 4-core gold-plated OCC cable that comes with the Kinera Baldr, the Gleipnir offers an improved 8-core design that preserves the original sound, resolution, emotion and level of detail. Due to the internal cable structure and treatment of the materials you’ll instantly experience a wider and deeper soundstage. This Gleipnir offers a better top-end performance, allows transients and micro dynamics to be experienced even better. This high-end headphone cabling brings you an unparalleled sound experience while listening to your favourite music albums over and over again.

For every type of music player

Kinera fitted Gleipnir with an interchangeable headphone plug that comes with a 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm Pentaconn connector. These connectors are made of pure copper and are 24-karat gold plated for a longer lifespan. The high-grade headphone cable has a soft, skin-friendly, abrasion- and heat resistant PVC jacket. The connector sleeve and cable splitter are made of anodized lightweight aluminum that keeps them protected from wear and tear.