iFi Audio DC Blocker+

The majority of audio components will have a circular, toroidal transformer at their heart. These transformers are excellent but have one major drawback. Any incoming mains DC, which can range from 1,000mV to several hundred millivolts, will cause an annoying 'mechanical hum'. Just as you are listening to the quietest of tracks, your ears pick up an annoying low-level hum from inside your audio component. Place the DC Blocker+ at the IEC inlet of the audio component to stop DC from entering it and causing 'hum'. Install one at the incoming mains of each and every audio component to ensure a tranquil, 'hum' free listening experience.

  • Intelligently blocks > 1,000mV DC to eliminate transformer hum
  • Safely retains EMI shielding
  • Does not affect the safety of the equipment
  • Can be used around the globe