iFi Audio Quasar

Quasar is the power cable for those starting out on their journey into the exploration of the impact of mains upon their audio systems.

Meet the Quasar, a truly geometrically balanced cable, designed for the starter audiophile.

No shielding to reduce the capacitors designed for high powered amplifiers.

Bringing elements of design from the SupaQuasar, the Quasar also provides iFi's Ground Zero Design to create a central core free of any magnetic fields.

Combined with the shotgun ground, non-twisting and constant impedance, the cable achieves maximum protection from any magnetic field and has nil induction voltage. The result is vastly reduced system noise.

The cable is built upon the same pure copper for excellent conductivity, impact resistant polymer casing for increased durability, and gold-plated pure copper connections for the best transmission possible.

All in all, the Quasar cable offers exceptional sonic price/performance for the most discerning yet affordable system.