The RS130 is a network transport that can be digitally connected to an external DAC product. The RS130 is designed to completely block digital noise by supporting Fiber Optic Ethernet and Fiber Optic USB, and to stably output digital sound sources with its built-in high-precision OCXO clock. It also supports external master clock input that considers various usage environments. This network transport is developed with the user-friendly lineup completion in mind, based on the unique design know-how and platform accumulated by Rose over the years. 

The RS130 is the ultimate network transport, combining optimal flexibility and compatibility. It is faithful to the original purpose of the source device, delivering the original sound quality and capturing the sound with high clarity so that you can feel the sound three-dimensionally and vividly.

Aesthetic Design Closer to Premium

The RS130 is designed to deliver auditory euphoria and visual satisfaction to audiophiles. In particular, it has an elegant and new appearance with the crystal attached to the button and the ventilation hole in the shape of the symbol logo on the top of the product, which was first applied to ROSE products.

RS130 maintains the existing Rose design identity while being designed to feel like a beautiful object dominating the space. This product embodies both functionality and aesthetics, from its design to its internal structure.

Specially Processed Aluminum Case 

The RS130 uses a high-quality custom-machined aluminum case to provide a perfect music listening experience. The specially processed aluminum minimizes minute vibrations with its specially treated smooth surface, and it has excellent durability and heat resistance. 

The premium aluminum material case prevents vibrations and is advantageous for heat dissipation. A beautifully designed vent hole is placed in the center of the top panel to aid in heat dissipation and improve operational stability. To maximize the inherent performance of the transport, the RS130 is designed to balance the texture of solid and clear sound based on a design that reflects the sound master's philosophy. 

Enhanced High-Resolution RS130 LCD Screen

HiFi ROSE's unique full-size, wide-viewing multi-touch LCD is used to emphasize visible audio. The 15.4-inch screen with a high resolution of 1920*382 boasts a smooth and clear display of album art and videos, making audio listening even more enjoyable. The ultra-wide-angle LCD maintains clear image quality from various viewing angles, providing the best picture quality from any angle. This display interacts seamlessly with the RS130's features, offering users enhanced convenience and an immersive viewing experience.

Ethernet SFP 

The RS130 provides a new network solution for sending and receiving data using SFP transceivers. The SFP protocol is a noise-resistant communication standard that can ensure fast and reliable data transmission, even over long distances. In particular, Fiber SFPs using optical fibers can fundamentally block digital noise in order to transmit and receive clean signals, and can guarantee data integrity thanks to their high resistance to electromagnetic interference. 

By selecting the SFP that suits your situation, you can feel the difference in the excellent resolution provided in all bands and the clear contrast of tones. 

Fiber USB 

Fiber USB is a technology that utilizes light signals for fast and stable data transmission. By using optical fiber cables, data can be transmitted over long distances while providing strong immunity to electromagnetic noise, ensuring stable transmission without data loss or distortion even in environments with high interference. 

The RS130 incorporates this Fiber USB technology to perfectly block digital noise from storage devices, extracting only pure data through its optical converting function and delivering accurate and vivid sound to the user. 

High-Precision OCXO Clock 

The RS130 maximizes the accuracy of digital output by using a high-precision OCXO. This clock is the most accurate and stable among those currently in use and is unaffected by temperature changes. It is widely used in fields requiring high precision and stability, such as high-end audio, aerospace, military, and satellite communications. Conventional TCXO clocks can generate jitter in the audio signal due to changes in vibration with temperature changes. However, the OCXO clock maintains a constant temperature through a dedicated oven, suppressing jitter generation. This technology provides outstanding frequency stability and precise clocking, adding coherence to sound connections and allowing for a more dense and powerful sense of space during listening. 

High-Capacity Supercapacitor and Linear Power Supply Configuration 

The newly designed power supply of the RS130 is composed of a high-capacity supercapacitor and a linear power supply. It has excellent power-noise blocking performance, providing excellent stability and the best sound quality. 

The high-capacity supercapacitor has a much higher power density than lithium-ion batteries, ensuring excellent energy storage and supply performance. This ensures a reliable, clean DC power supply, even when a lot of electrical energy is needed. 

This hybrid power supply design, which combines a new linear power supply with a supercapacitor, minimizes the power noise of the RS130, provides a stable power supply environment, faithfully expresses a wide dynamic range from low to mid-high, and maintains natural sound. 

It also significantly reduces noise compared to battery-powered configurations, thereby improving the accuracy of audio signals, and providing cleaner, more vivid sound quality.

Application of a Dedicated SSD for Audio Caching

The RS130 features a dedicated SSD for audio caching, eliminating the impact of vibrations and noise that can occur when playing audio from a hard drive connected via USB. Additionally, it minimizes latency errors that can occur during network streaming, allowing for more stable caching and playback. This prevents audio quality degradation and creates a smooth, cohesive sound, completing a rich audio system environment.

External Master Clock Input 

The external master clock input function synchronizes the clock signal between various audio devices, minimizing time errors that occur between audio signal transmissions and improving the accuracy and stability of the audio system. 

The RS130 can process high-quality audio signals and deliver accurately synchronized signals from the source to the sound output, allowing for more finely synchronized clocks from external devices. This helps to minimize jitter and maintain perfect signals when transmitting to DACs connected via RS130, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and I2S.  

Design Features

By completely separating the AC power supply, DC power supply, and audio signal processing parts, the new RS130 is designed to block noise and prevent interference from digital noise caused by the PWM.
Since a high-capacity supercapacitor has been adopted for sufficient and clean DC output, the RS130 has a much higher power density and improved durability compared to products with a built-in battery.
In addition, isolation circuits are applied to all input and output terminals to minimize signal noise that may be introduced when connected to external devices. This unique design ensures precise and stable digital audio signal output.