Focal Clear Mg

The Focal Clear Mg are beautifully styled headphones with a recognisable Focal design. With these open-back over-ear headphones you can enjoy your favourite music in superior sound quality. The secret to this realistic sound quality lies in the high-grade full-range drivers developed by Focal itself and, of course, in the touch of magic that only Focal can add.


Thanks to the low weight of the aluminum bracket construction, the wearing comfort is sublime. The headband is fitted with memory foam and covered with leather and perforated microfibre. The ear cushions are also made of memory foam and have a breathable microfibre covering, which makes them most comfortable to wear during longer listening sessions. The ear cups are fitted with a honeycomb grill to ensure that the music is reproduced with even more openness.

Sound quality

The Focal Clear Mg headphones feature the latest Focal driver technology and, of course, are equipped with 'M' shaped magnesium dome drivers. Magnesium is light and has a high damping factor, which ensures great dynamics across the entire sound spectrum while maintaining a neutral and balanced signature. Be amazed by the detail with which this Clear Mg reproduces music. Close your eyes and enjoy music intensely, experiencing all musical instruments with their typical authentic sound.