FiiO RM3

As a further addition to the variety of use cases for the FiiO's desktop setup, FiiO designed the RM3 Bluetooth remote control for the FiiO R Series products - allowing you to remotely control track playback, song selection and volume up to 30m away. And the RM3 allows you to add a song you like to your favorites with a single click.

Mouse mode

The RM3 has a mouse mode thanks to its built-in gyroscope, making it even easier to use. When relaxing in a chair and listening to music, you can activate mouse mode on any Android device, including FiiO R Series products, saving you the trouble of walking to the device.

Simple operation

FiiO wants you to get started quickly. The RM3 includes 14 clearly marked buttons that provide easy access to convenient functions, such as the power button, back to desktop, and mode selection buttons. And the RM3 also does not require you to point it directly at the receiving device to operate it, making it even easier to use. 

Thin and light design

The RM3 is made of ABS plastic, making the remote control durable yet lightweight. The silicone buttons further contribute to the RM3's comfortable and user-friendly design.