FiiO Q15

After a long wait of 4 years, FIIO is finally releasing the upgraded version of the Q5S, known as the Q15. This new model combines FIIO's advanced technologies and platforms in a compact and easy-to-hold design, offering a superior performance compared to other products in its class. The Q15 is specifically designed to meet all your portable and desktop audio needs in a single device.

One notable feature of the Q15 is its AG glass back panel, which is resistant to scratches and fingerprints, while also providing a smooth touch. The device's golden size ratio of 18:9 ensures a comfortable user experience whether it is held in your hand or connected to other portable devices. Whether you are on the move or on a business trip, you can effortlessly enjoy high-quality sound with the Q15.

As a portable desktop-grade device, the Q15 introduces a new desktop mode, which includes a separate Type-C power connector. When connected to the PD power adapter, the Q15 operates externally powered, bypassing the battery. This allows for a desktop-like experience even when you are on the go. In Desktop Mode, the Q15 can output 1600mW in enhanced over-ear headphone mode, providing more than enough power to drive various IEMs and full-size headphones.

The Q15 stands out among other products in its class with its AKM's newest DAC combination - the AK4191EQ+AK4499EX. These DACs, combined with the newly developed "DWA Routing Technology," significantly improve audio performance. The result is a detailed and realistic sound that immerses the listener and creates a live concert experience.

The Q15 is equipped with triple hard cores, including the TI Cortex M4 processor, XMOS 16-core XU316 with dual audio crystal oscillators, and Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip. This combination integrates USB DAC, Bluetooth, and coaxial decoding in a single device. The USB DAC supports high-resolution audio formats up to 768kHz/32bit PCM, DSD512, and MQA full decoding. Bluetooth decoding supports advanced Bluetooth codecs like LDAC and aptX Adaptive, while the coaxial decoding supports 92kHz/24bit and DSD64.

Additionally, the Q15 features a 1.3-inch full-color IPS display that provides a clear view of the working mode, sampling rate, volume level, battery level, gain, and more. With the versatile knob, you can easily and accurately adjust volume, switch inputs, and access menu settings.

The Q15 also offers various other features such as an independent phone mode switch, standard RCA coaxial connector, global PEQ, 5-level audio circuit, and impressive internal components. There are even more surprises waiting for you to discover with the Q15.