FiiO BR13

Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth audio breathes new life into your traditional amplifiers, which now are no longer restricted by wires. With Bluetooth, you can truly relax on your sofa and chair and take total control over your audio without having to move. Going back to wired listening is hard once you experience the convenience of Bluetooth.

7 Hi-Res Bluetooth Codecs

The BR13 features more support for various Bluetooth codecs than other products in its class, supporting seven high-res Bluetooth codecs including LDAC.

Compatibility with many devices

The BR13 features a wide range of digital and analog outputs for greater compatibility with other devices.

Custom LCD screen

In the BR13 is a custom, high-contrast and durable LCD screen that allows you to easily see the codec, EQ and other information with just a quick glance.

Button + App controls

Unlike many other products in its class, the BR13 can be controlled either through buttons or through a companion app. Whether you want to approach the device to use its buttons, or lie on the sofa with the companion app, the BR13 is easily controlled.

Maintain your taste

The BR13 comes with seven presets, including those for pop and classical music, that conveniently let you immediately enjoy various types of music. In addition there are also two types of parametric EQ's to configure - with 10 customizable frequency bands each with their own adjustable frequency, level and Q bandwidth value. Customize to your heart's content to find the exact sound you are after.