Advance Paris WTX-1100

This Advance Paris WTX-1100 enables you to stream music via Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD to any hi-fi amplifier. Easily connect the RCA output of this WTX-1100 to any line input and effortlessly stream music in high resolution from your smartphone to your sound system. The WTX-1100 supports all existing Bluetooth formats and has a linear frequency response from 10Hz to 20kHz. This Bluetooth Receiver is equipped with an internal low-noise DAC and handles resolutions up to 32bit 384kHz in PCM.

Do you already own a high-quality Digital to Analog Convertor and would you like to add wireless streaming from smartphone, tablet or pc? Advance Paris has designed this WTX-1100 with both a coaxial and an optical digital output that allows you to connect this HD Bluetooth receiver to your DAC in seconds. No matter how you prefer to stream your music, with this WTX-1100 Bluetooth Receiver you can perform this task quick and easy with virtually every existing Hi-Fi amplifier.