Fibaro Flood Sensor

Fibaro Flood Sensor - futuristic design compact size and a wide variety of additional functions. Fibaro Flood Sensor is simply remarkable! This unique device can guard you and your family's safety. With its advanced technology and precision the Fibaro Flood sensor will alert you of a threatening flood or a rapid temperature rise or drop. All while being maintenance-free without the need for professional installation.

In the beginning there was a drop of water ...

Water is the most common substance in the world. It gives life but it can ook take it away. Water Allows us to enjoy each day and sustained a great feeling of refreshment. The importance of this substance covering 70% of the world is so great it inspired us to pay her tribute. The design of the Fibaro Flood Sensor was inspired by the perfect water drop. Every single drop just like the modules of our system can exist individually or They can connect with one another forming a coherent ecosystem. The shape of a water drop is perfect and flawless Therefore our sensor's enclosure had to look the same. The Flood Sensor is made of high quality white glossy plastic and is perfect in every detail. It's design is extremely functional and the technology gives you endless possibilities.

Perfection in every detail

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is the most technologically advanced most amazingly functional yet aesthetic flood sensor available in the world today. Before design process started Fibaro engineers tested most of the flood battery powered sensors offered. None of them met our expectations. That's why we started working on our own design meeting high expectations of our customers. That's how the Fibaro Flood Sensor was born - a flood sensor equipped with new technology providing safety for you and your family. All of wich closed in a miniature compact enclosure.

Dual Tamper protection

Our flood sensor is beautiful-which makes it desirable to grab and take a closer look. We know and completely understand this. Any movement or relocation can stop the sensor from serving its role that's why it will be detected thanks to the built-in motion detector. Any attempt to open it will be detected resul ting in a report being sent to the main controller as well. Mind you this is a very important device bearing huge responsibility monitoring our home and helping us react quickly.