Edifier WH950NB

The WH950NB headphones feature intelligent active noise cancellation algorithms that remove ambient noise. There are two active noise cancellation modes to suit everyone's needs. In addition, users can choose between ambient noise or wind reduction in different scenarios to create their ideal environment.

Hi-Resolution Audio Certified

The WH950NB headphones support both Hi-Resolution Audio and Hi-Resolution Audio wireless with LDAC certification. Our world-class acoustics team expertly tunes them to deliver professional studio-quality sound. The WH950NB reaches a frequency range of 40 kHz and delivers high-quality audio. The Hi-Res audio gives you a wide range of detail and clarity for the ultimate listening experience.

Four microphones for suppression of ambient noise

The WH950NB uses four built-in microphones to ensure clear voice calls. These microphones are integrated with the audio signal processor to direct your voice, reduce irritating background noise and suppress wind noise, adding an extra layer of crystal clear quality to the conversations that matter most.

Ultra-comfortable ear cushions

After multiple rounds of testing and experimentation, we specially selected high-quality soft protein leather and memory foam ear cushions for the WH950NB. They have a cushion-like softness that is comfortable yet excludes ambient noise.

40 mm composite titanium film headphone driver

The WH950NB has a 40 mm composite titanium film driver that delivers exceptional sound. It presents accurately natural and balanced audio for all genres of music. The WH950NB headphones are ideal for delivering higher-level sound with excellent resolution and cleaner sound.

Up to 55 hours of playing time

With 55 hours of battery life, perfect for long car rides, you can enjoy up to 34 hours of playback time with ANC. Plus, you get an extra 7 hours of battery life with just a 10-minute quick charge.

Connect to two devices

The latest Bluetooth 5.3 lets you switch from one device to another. You can now multitask within seconds between watching a movie from your laptop and taking a phone call without missing a thing.

Music mode, game mode and theater mode

Just press the multifunction button to switch between modes.

Safe listening enabled

Edifier's safe volume control is now available in the Edifier Connect App. After enabling Safe Volume, the maximum volume is limited to 85 dB. Enjoy music without worrying about hearing damage.

Off timer

Manage your music time using the shut-off timer feature in the Edifier Connect app. You can set it to 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours. Easily save energy while listening to your favorite podcast before bed without having to wake up to turn it off.

Google quick pairing

With one tap, the WH950NB enables quick and effortless Bluetooth pairing with your Android device. Plus, you can check the location where your device was last seen.

EQ setting adjustment

Select an appropriate EQ preset (Classic or Dynamic) to suit your music type. Alternatively, you can personalize your audio experience with the adjustable EQ function.

Premium appearance and foldable

The WH950NB has an artistic yet functional look. They have a premium touch, from the soft print finish to the leather texture of the ear cups and the steel-made headband. They are foldable and come with a pouch that can be used on the go.


  • Active noise cancellation + ambient noise mode.
  • LDAC codec with Hi-Res Audio & Hi-Res Wireless certification
  • Advanced 4-Mic ENC for best voice clarity
  • Personalize EQ and select different music modes in the Edifier Connect APP
  • Supports Google Fast Pair for Android users
  • Fully charged in 1.5 hours for at least 34 hours of playtime (ANC on) / 55 hours (ANC off)
  • Fast charging: 7 hours of playback in just 10 minutes
  • Dynamic driver of 40 mm
  • Dual protection for safe hearing: Volume <85dB and a stop timer
  • Foldable and lightweight design. Ideal for everyday use, online meetings and travel