AudioQuest PowerQuest 303

Matching outstanding AudioQuest performance with non-sacrificial surge protection, the new PowerQuest 303, 505, and 707 power conditioners create excellent foundations for stereo systems, multichannel home theaters, and custom installations.

  • Performance: All models take AudioQuest's comprehensive approach to AC power conditioning, addressing noise linearly to provide class-leading, wide-bandwidth noise reduction.
  • Protection: All models feature Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection and Extreme-Voltage Automatic Shutdown at 250VAC. Set and forget.
  • Power: All models provide 7 total AC outlets: 3 High-Current outlets for amplification devices and 4 Linear-Filtered outlets for source devices.

In addition, all models come with optional 2RU rack ears and a detachable 2m PowerQuest power cable with a flat-to-wall plug. For installers, this means each PowerQuest unit is ready to go from the box to the rack in just minutes.


  • PQ-415 power cable with flat-to-wall plug - RF-Noise Dissipating cable with Semi-Solid Concentric Long-Grain Copper (LGC) Conductors (2m; 15amps @230V)
  • Linear noise-dissipation (more than -22db) - Differential-Mode: 30kHz-1Ghz
  • Non-sacrificial surge protection - Nothing to damage with repeated 6000V/3000A input surge tests, which is the maximum that can survive a building’s AC electrical panel.
  • Extreme voltage shutdown - 250VAC: Will activate the main power circuit relay to open within less than 0.25 seconds; automatically resets once the incoming power is within a safe range.
  • Optimized outlets - 4x Linear-Filtered for Source / Constant-Current components (TVs, media streaming devices, etc.); 3x High-Current for Variable-Current components (amplifiers, powered speakers & subwoofers)
  • Rack-mountable - 2RU rack ears included