AudioQuest NRG-X2

The all-new AudioQuest NRG-X2 AC power cable offers a perfect ratio between price and performance. Despite its entry-level positioning, this NRG X-Series power cable offers everything that demanding film and music enthusiasts are looking for. This AC power cable lacks a decorative sheath and exclusive mains plugs but is however equipped with the latest AudioQuest cable technology. The NRG X2 offers exactly that what it is developed to do, namely, to provide power in the most effective way without premium and more costly features.

Perfect price & performance

This AudioQuest NRG-X2 entry-level model lacks the ZERO Tech and Ground Noise Dissipation techniques implemented in premium AudioQuest power cables. However, this entry-level cable is equipped with Semi-Solid Concentric Conductors each with seven Direction-Controlled Long-Grain Copper conductors to reduce A/V system noise significantly. As a result, you will hear a better-defined bass, better transient articulation, more openness and background details. With this AudioQuest cabling, movies and music albums really come to life.

Better performance for every A/V component

By applying Direction-Control, a crucial part of the Noise Dissipation System technique in the higher positioned cable models, the AC power is effectively protected against RFI. This cable doesn’t just provide a significant better performance over the factory supplied cabling; it also outperforms many premium priced power cables. This AudioQuest NRG-X2 power cable is supplied with a C7 device plug (e.g. for Sonos).