Audio-Technica ATH-CKS50TW

The truly wireless ATH-CKS50TW headphones offer optimum wearing comfort and the innovative acoustic technology provides great bass. The battery has a high capacity, so you can enjoy up to 20 hours of uninterrupted powerful audio (up to 50 hours with the charging pouch). Enjoy your music effortlessly and to the fullest.

The new large diameter drivers (9mm Solid Bass HD TWS drivers) deliver deep bass that won't escape thanks to the CKS50TW's snug fit. The airtight seal provides a unique and intense music experience.

Make your voice heard with Qualcomm® cVc™ Generation 8.0

Enhanced microphone quality during conversations in the office, work at home or online training. The CKS50TW's sidetone circuit also allows you to hear your own voice in the headphones so that conversations sound more natural and it almost seems like you're not wearing headphones.

Design with integrated buttons for on-the-go comfort

Audio-Technica's ATH-CKS50TW wireless earphones are designed for reliable, worry-free use and a truly wireless listening experience to enjoy to the fullest. The left button controls volume and switches between hear-through and noise-cancelling functions. The right button allows you to easily start, stop or skip tracks and speed up the hear-through function.

Rain- and splash-proof design

The CKS50TW wireless earphones offer a JIS protection rating comparable to IPX4. You don't have to worry about keeping your truly wireless earbuds dry during unexpected rainstorms or while exercising, thanks to the splash-proof design.

More customization

Personalize the control of your Audio-Technica earphones through Audio-Technica's Connect app, available from Apple and Google Play. Fully tailor the sound to your needs, switching between codecs, changing the equalizer presets or adjusting the volume level. You can also use the app to locate your earbuds, so every day is accompanied by a phenomenal soundscape.

Uninterrupted listening pleasure

Packed with useful features, the compact CKS50TW has a unique antenna that ensures a stable connection despite its small size. This prevents sound interruption, even in train stations or other crowded locations.

The ATH-CKS50TW earphones are also equipped with Qualcomm® TrueWireless Mirroring.

Audio interruptions and video delays are reduced by separate left and right side audio transmission. On all devices, including Android and iOS smartphones.

Automatic power on and the convenience of Fast Pair

After the CKS50TW is paired with your device, it automatically turns on and connects to your Android or Google device. This happens as soon as you remove the earphones from the charging case. The truly wireless earphones turn off and begin charging as soon as they are placed back in the charging pouch. Turning off or on can also be done directly from the headphones.

LED lights to monitor charging

The CKS50TW features four LED lights that illuminate or flash when the charging case is opened or closed. This makes it easy to see what the battery power is or how long it has left to charge.

With 360 Reality Audio Certification from Sony

Listeners can fully immerse themselves in the sound world the developers envisioned thanks to the combination of 360 Reality Audio and Audio-Technica's proven acoustic technology.