Advance Paris WTX-700 EVO

With WTX-700EVO it becomes possible to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to a good audio system in high resolution (24bit/48kHz). The WTX-700EVO is compatible with all Bluetooth audio sources on the market: smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Advance distinguishes itself with the WTX-700EVO with a higher sound quality than the "standard" aptX HD receivers with the Qualcomm chipset. The DAC (digital/analogue converter) integrated into the standard chipset by Qualcomm is not used. Advance makes a branch and uses a self-selected, externally placed Texas Instruments PCM 5102 dac of higher quality.

If the source device does not offer Bluetooth aptX HD, that is not a problem. The WTX-700EVO is backward compatible with older Bluetooth versions. You can use the RCA plugs to connect the WTX 700EVO directly to a line input (Aux) of an e.g. plug in an amplifier.