Velodyne Acoustics VI-Q 15

The sealed cabinet design of the VI-Q series features everything that makes Velodyne Acoustics Subwoofers stand out in a modern way. In addition, the three models provide a particularly high-quality driver configuration and the iWoofer™ app, which gives users full control with room adjustment, a 25-band parametric equalizer, and presets.


  • The lightweight carbon fiber cone, in conjunction with the 3-inch voice coil, ensures optimum partial vibration behavior with low distortion values
  • High power with up to 650 W RMS Class-D amplification with 1200 W maximum power; highly efficient switching power supply with 2 x 25 A / 650 V MOSFET transistors
  • Solid front made of a 21-layer plywood board with a material thickness of a full 50 millimeters
  • With its professional XLR connectors, RCA jacks for left and right channel and high-level connectors, the best connectivity is guaranteed