Ubiquiti UniFi Protect ViewPort PoE

If your UniFi network is implemented with both a UniFi Protect and (multiple) UniFi IP cameras and you want to view the UniFi surveillance camera streams on a television-set or (computer)monitor, you can connect this UniFi Protect ViewPort PoE to the network and connect it to a screen through the build-in HDMI port. Using the UniFi Protect system, the implementation process of the UniFi Protect ViewPort PoE is quick and super easy.

The UniFi Protect ViewPort PoE shows up to 16 cameras on screen and has a maximum resolution of [email protected] The ViewPort does not have its own power supply and gets its power supply through PoE. Therefore this device needs a free RJ45 port on a PoE switch or a separate PoE injector.