Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell Pro

The G4 Doorbell Pro is a WiFi-enabled video doorbell equipped with a primary 5MP camera and a secondary 8MP package camera. The doorbell's main camera is equipped with IR LED to provide enhanced night vision that, when combined with the built-in porch light, ensures a reliably clear surveillance feed around the clock. The G4 Doorbell Pro also features echo-cancelling, two-way audio so you can interact with visitors, and its programmable display allows you to give alerts or delivery instructions to couriers. Designed to be a powerful, plug-and-play security tool, the G4 Doorbell Pro can be set up and configured in minutes with the UniFi Protect application.

  • Streams 1080p HD video at 30 FPS
  • Dual-band WiFi and GbE connectivity
  • (1) 5MP camera with an IR LED [Video output: 1600x1200 (2MP), 30 FPS].
  • (1) 8MP packet camera [Video output: 1600x1200 (2MP), 2 FPS, no IR-LED].
  • Two-way audio with echo cancellation
  • Built-in change lighting that illuminates objects up to 2 metres away
  • Motion detection sensor
  • IPX4-rated, weatherproof housing
  • Programmable display
  • Wall mount, corner mount, screw set and bell power set included
    Easy, Bluetooth-powered installation via the UniFi Protect mobile app

Management via the UniFi Protect application: Version 1.21.0 or newer (web) / 1.5.8 or newer (iOS) / 1.4.8 or newer (Android)