Product comes with built-in HDDs (2x Synology HAT3300-4T HDD)

Synology Diskstation DS223j 8TB (2x 4TB)

The DS223j is designed to help small teams share, sync and collaborate more efficiently.

Cross-platform File Access

Manage your files and media wherever you are with Synology Drive. Available for PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS or any device with a browser.

Real-time collaboration

Stay productive while working as a team or with your clients. Collaborate while on different platforms with Synology Office.

Synchronization across locations

Never before have you been able to sync data between locations so easily. Synology Drive ShareSync keeps files and folders synchronized between Synology systems.

Seamless Sync to the Cloud

Sync files between your private cloud and public cloud storage platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and more with Synology Cloud Sync. Keep local copies of your cloud data to centralize management and own your data.

Store, Share, and Protect

Configure your DS223j to manage all your documents, photos and other files, or protect your physical property with professional video surveillance.

Manage your photo collection

Organize your photos and videos with smart and intuitive features. Browse albums automatically generated based on facial recognition, geolocation, tags and more.

Safer and easier sharing

Share your media securely with colleagues or clients by using privacy features for your peace of mind. Collaborate with selected users on a folder-based media library by creating a Shared Space.

Automated media backups.

Automatically upload photos and videos taken on your mobile device to your private cloud with Synology Photos or Synology Drive.

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Use Synology Drive to protect data from ransomware attacks or accidental deletion with real-time or scheduled backups of folders on your PC.

Wide compatibility

Choose from over 8,300 IP cameras or ONVIF devices compatible with Synology Surveillance Station to keep your premises safe.

Universal Access

View live camera streams via Internet browsers, desktop clients or mobile apps. Receive event notifications and take immediate action.

Fully back up your Synology systems

Back up your entire Synology device, including system settings and applications, or select specific folders. Transfer all backup data to multiple targets using Hyper Backup.

Keep your data safe with snapshots

Take data protection to the next level by automatically creating point-in-time copies of shared folders that you can copy to another location and quickly restore with Snapshot Replication.