Sonos Era 300

With next-level audio coming from every direction, Era 300 doesn't just surround you, it puts you right in the middle of your music. Connect to all your content and devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and the 3.5mm line input. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Dolby Atmos experience when you combine two with Arc or Beam (Gen 2).

A new dimension for spatial audio

With six optimally positioned drivers around the front, sides and top to support Dolby Atmos Music, the groundbreaking acoustic design projects sound from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. As a result, you are immersed in every dimension of the song.

Make your whole room your sweet spot

Wherever you are and whatever you want to play, the listening experience is simply extraordinary. Specially developed waveguides spread sound left, right, forward and up to create a sensational spatial sound field that you can enjoy anywhere in the room.

Play from any service or device

Stream from all your favorite services via Wi-Fi. Pair a Bluetooth® device with the touch of a button. Connect a record player or other sound source with an aux cable and the Sonos line-level adapter.

Surreal surround sound

Experience sensational multi-channel surround sound by pairing two speakers with Sonos Arc or Beam (Gen 2). Powered by Dolby Atmos, the lateral and overhead channels in each speaker create an all-encompassing sound field so you're enveloped by the story.

Exclusive Sonos features enhance your experience

Enjoy free music, original content and thousands of live stations on Sonos Radio. Play music easily hands-free and with unprecedented privacy when you use Sonos Voice Control. And get access to new features and services through regular software updates.

Control your system your way

Use the Sonos app, Sonos Voice Control, Apple AirPlay 2 and the intuitive touch controls on top of the speaker. Ask Amazon Alexa to set timers, manage your smart home devices and more.

Tunes itself for you

With one tap in the Sonos app, Trueplay tuning technology analyzes your room's unique acoustics and optimizes the speaker's EQ. So all your content sounds the way it was meant to.

Responsible design

Sonos is committed to their listeners and the planet. So for Era 100, they've used recycled plastic, energy-saving technology and packaging that is 100% paper and made from sustainable, recycled fibers.