Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini

Introducing the new Sennheiser’s AMBEO Soundbar Mini, the world’s most immersive sound possible from just one compact device for movie and music enthusiasts. Developed with the Fraunhofer IIS Institute, AMBEO virtualization technology provides a 3D listening experience via generated virtual speakers. Designed with Sennheiser’s unique audiophile expertise, AMBEO Mini delivers room-filing sound and crisp music, too.

Easy setup and self-calibration adapt to room acoustics, while the feature-rich and intuitive app helps control settings, EQ, voice enhancement, and more. AMBEO|OS supports major streaming services, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and powerful features.

Elevate your audio with the elegantly designed, compact but powerful Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar Mini.

Ultimate Immersive Sound in an extremely compact device

AMBEO Virtualization

State-of-the-art AMBEO virtualization, co-developed with the Fraunhofer IIS Institute, compatible with Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, MPEG-H, and 360 Reality Audio for 3D sound reproduction, delivers the world’s most immersive sound from one compact device.

Sennheiser Audiophile DNA

Powerful, distortion-free movie and music sound, incredibly sharp fidelity and crystal-clear mids reproduced by high-end full range drivers enhanced by built-in 4” dual-subwoofers that reach a 43Hz depth.

Compact & Stylish

Extremely compact and sleek soundbar that blends in anywhere and fits between TV stands. Amazing build quality and non-intrusive minimalistic, but strongly appealing design.

Powerful adaptive audio features

Automated Self-calibration

The smart self-calibration algorithm learns the reflective characteristics and the acoustics of your room to decide on the best sound allocation and positioning of its 7.1.4 phantom speakers.

Adaptive & Customizable

The Adaptive mode scans content and adjusts settings for the best listening experience but leaves customers the freedom to fine-tune to personal preferences with the EQ and three different AMBEO virtualization levels.

Stereo & 5.1 Upmixing

AMBEO virtualization can upmix and render any stereo and 5.1 content to make it more immersive and create a room-filling sound stage.

Comfort Enhancers

Voice Enhancement and Center Volume - proprietary algorithmic models developed in-house improve speech clarity, while neighbor-friendly Night Mode helps with discreet listening at night.

Multiple connectivity options and intuitive usability

Future-proof Connectivity

Advanced AMBEO|OS connectivity allows for an easy and fast multiple device operation via Bluetooth, Wi-fi, built-in Alexa and Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2; direct cloud access to audio content via Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and multiple licensed streaming services like TuneIn, Deezer, iHeartRadio accessible via virtual assistants.

Intuitive UX & Assistants

The intuitive control via the Sennheiser Smart Control App or directly via a browser on your Wi-fi network is backed by three smart-home voice control options via Alexa built-in, works with Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, while the multiroom audio via Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay 2 lets you enjoy content everywhere.

Wireless Sub Connectivity

Seamless wireless subwoofer connectivity for even more powerful and immersive bass (up to 4 subwoofers with AMBEO Sub).