Sendy Audio Aiva

Please allow us to introduce Sendy Audio's Aiva, one of the newcomers in Head-Fi. These Sendy Audio Aiva over-ear open-back headphones feature Planar drivers that reproduce music with an incredibly high resolution. These Planar-Magnetic headphones have a beautiful design with real wooden ear cups and are constructively very well built. The used materials are of excellent quality which gives these headphones a premium look & feel, long life span and high wearing comfort.

With these headphones really no detail or nuance in the music is getting lost. Bass and lowend-frequencies are delivered with a delightful punch. The midrange definition is no other than remarkable and the top end of these headphones is characterized by a subtle but clearly perceptible boost. This provides just that little bit of extra liveliness that you won't find with other headphones in this class.