SBooster Node N130 AIB (Connection Kit)

The Sbooster Node AIB replaces the standard power module of the Bluesound Node 130 series (the Node from after 2021). This makes it possible to use a separate Sbooster power upgrade, resulting in a significant improvement in the reproduction of streaming audio and any connected sources.

Sbooster AIB active interface card: the audible improvement of the Node

The Sbooster Active Interface Boards are designed to replace and upgrade the internal power circuits of audio devices so that these audio devices can be used with a Sbooster power supply. The first AIB from Sbooster is designed for the Bluesound Node N130 / Node 2021. The upgrade takes the sound quality of the Node DAC/streamer to a higher level. The Sbooster Node AIB differs from all other existing Node upgrade solutions because of its unique maximalist upgrade concept. This upgrade literally improves every aspect of the stock power circuit, starting with the power connector itself. The AIB uses Sbooster's special C8 connector with gold-plated pins, carefully selected audio-quality components and silver-plated OCC wires. The two-layer gold-plated circuit board is made and assembled in Bulgaria. The triple anti-oscillation circuitry stabilizes the internal power rails of both the AIB and Node and an advanced central ground point creates a pure reference for the circuits. Additionally, the Sbooster Decoy V2 is used to direct internal RFI (radiation) away from the audio circuitry.

Delivery and installation Sbooster Node AIB

The Sbooster Node AIB is supplied with a Cryo-treated fuse for the separately available, matching BOTW P&P ECO MKII 5-6V power supply. Only a screwdriver is required for installation in the Node, the rest is self-explanatory. The separate BOTW P&P ECO MKII 5-6V power supply must be set to 6V. According to designer Wiebren Draaijer, the result of this upgrade for the Node streaming DAC is a very detailed sound with a 3D soundstage and a powerful, deep bass response.